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A yellow pansy flower is an ideal gift to give or have around your home. It is a sweet, pretty and colorful flower perfect for warm weather months. 

It is easily grown in pots or on the ground. You can plant them from seeds or propagation it.


What a yellow pansy flower looks like?

The pansy is a sweet little flower that has many colors, but most commonly it is a bright yellow. It has dark veiny leaves and green stems. 

The color of the pansy helps attract bees so they can come have a drink of the nectar inside the flower.

Yellow pansy flowers are very small and grow on the stem of a plant. They start out being yellow, but they fade to white over time. 

Plants can have single flowers or several flowers of different sizes. The leaves grow in groups of three and have pointed tips.

It has 5 petals and five sepals, which are colored in light green as well. The stems of the yellow pansy flowers are in bright green color with some purple streaks.

Their shape is a bit like a heart with pointed petals, and they grow best in cool weather. A yellow pansy flower looks like a small yellow rose, with five petals that have crimped edges.


History of yellow pansy flower

The yellow pansy flower was first discovered in the early 18th century, partly thanks to its beautiful yellow petals. 

Its official name is Viola tricolor and is also known as Johnny Jump-up. The flowers were originally found in France, but they were soon exported to other European countries such as Britain. 

During the 19th century, the flower became very popular with the French people and in 1802. It was introduced by Victor Hugo, who gave it a new name: “pensée”. The yellow pansy flower began to appear in gardens all over Europe and North America.

In the Victorian era, this lovely flower became a part of wedding bouquets and arrangements.

Once a time , it was a symbol of love, particularly between lovers that are separated from each other. 

Many people named their children after this beautiful and colorful flower because of its beauty and uniqueness.


What do yellow pansies mean?


The yellow pansy is said to bring enlightenment because of its resemblance to the sun. The bright yellow of the center represents the energy and power of the sun. Petals surrounding it represent the light that emanates from it.



Its association with wealth dates back to ancient Greece and Rome, where its name in Greek (“pancion”) translates as “all-powerful.” 

People who saw it growing would know that spring was on its way—and would look forward to a bountiful harvest. The word “pancion” has since become synonymous with money in French and Italian, so many people now associate this flower with wealth.



During the Middle Ages, people would dream of having pansies growing around their house if they wanted their wishes to come true soon – so many people now associate this flower with happiness and vitality.


Meanings In Different Religious

The yellow pansy flower holds several religious and spiritual meanings. As its name suggests, it has a lot in common with the more well-known violets, which are also linked to faithfulness and devotion. 

The pansy’s meaning is similar, but more specific: it represents remembrance of a departed loved one. This can be a spouse or partner, parent or child, family member or friend. Whatever the case may be, this flower recalls those who have passed on before us.

Pansies also have symbolic meaning in Islam, where they are known as “the tears of the angels.” This stems from an Islamic legend. When some of the angels refused to bow down to Adam, He has having thorns placed on their heads as punishment.

The yellow pansy is thought to represent the thorn that was stuck in the head of a particular angel named Israfel.

In Buddhism, the yellow pansy is connected with mindfulness and meditation techniques. People often use it as an aid for those seeking enlightment through meditation. It also can reminding people that even when they aren’t actively seeking peace of mind, they can still find it in their daily lives.

In this way it can help people stay grounded while they’re practicing mindfulness and using other meditation techniques during their daily routines.


Are yellow pansies perennials?

Yellow pansies are perennials, but only if they’re planted in the right place. 

This is a common misconception. We tend to think of annuals as the kinds of plants that can be replanted each year. Becasue of this plant grow so well in flower beds and hanging baskets.

These kinds of containers are usually full of rich, loamy soil that gives the flowers all the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. In contrast, perennial plants like pansies prefer to grow in soil that isn’t particularly fertile. They do best in soil that’s not too damp or too dry, with good drainage.

Enduring through long winters is also key for pansies and other perennials. Many kinds of flowering plants have characteristics that help them survive cold winters without dying back completely. 

Pansies fall into this category. But it’s important to remember that all varieties will respond differently. Because it depending on how much hardiness they have inherited from their parents. 

If you’re planting yellow pansies, look for ones that are called “perennial” or “hardy” varieties. These are the ones most likely to stay green when it’s cold outside. They also are able to survive even harsh conditions if you treat them right.



To some, it is a beautiful and breathtaking flower that embodies joy and innocence. Looking deeper reveals its more subtle attributes: playful sass and vibrant cheerfulness. 

If you would like to create a colorful space for inspiration, peacefulness and pleasure, plant some pansies; you won’t be sorry.

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