How to Grow and Care for White Roses?

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The white roses are elegant ornamental flowers. It has a storied history and a significant association with a variety of cultures and religions. This stunning flower is also a fixture in many landscape designs and flower gardens. 

Many people think of red roses when they visualize a rose. However, white ones are the most natural form of flower. Many modern types of roses were cultivated from the white ones. 

Keep reading to learn more about the characteristics of a white rose as well as their symbolism and care requirements.


Characteristics of White Roses 

These roses are stunning flowers. They are erect or climbing perennial shrubs that produce showy, ornamental blooms in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Traditional roses have long stems bedecked with prickly thorns. 

The blooms range from white to cream with occasional colored speckles or variegation. The double layers of petals bloom outward from a central rosebud. White ones also have a sweet, subtle fragrance that pairs well with their visually intriguing look. 

Many different white rose types exist. Traditional varieties include the Boule de Neige, the Alba Maxima, or the Mme. Hardy. There are also climbing white ones like the White Knock Out Rose, which have bright yellow centers and deep green leaves. 


White Roses Symbolism 

Similar to its beautiful appearance, its meaning is layered. It is generally associated with purity, innocence, and friendship. In some cultures, white ones are a way to symbolize reverence, new beginnings, and peace. They are also a sign of sympathy at funerals. 

Over time, the white one has gathered a variety of alternative meanings as well.



During the Victorian era, bouquets were used to communicate romantic intentions and secret flirtatious messages. 

Roses symbolized love in many forms. White roses were a sign of pure or innocent love between young people. This meaning sparked a trend that endures today as a bridal or wedding flower. 



White ones also have a more solemn layer to their history. During World War II, a resistance group comprised mostly of young people called themselves the White Rose. They were an anti-Nazi group that utilized the white one as their calling card. 


Three White Roses

The number of these roses also can alter the flower’s meaning. Three white ones mean “I love you.” Three white ones are often a gift for a one-month anniversary. 


White and Colored Roses

The meaning of these roses also varies when paired with other rose colors. For example, white and red roses in a single bouquet symbolize unity and partnership. White and pink roses together mean new beginnings or a bright future. 


How to Grow White Roses

Roses are a beloved flower, but they have a reputation for being tricky flowers to care for as a beginner. However, if you take the time to research the ins and outs of rose bush care, you can easily combat the pests, diseases, and care requirements that prohibit white rose growth. 


Bloom Time 

White ones have a long bloom time. They generally start blooming in the springtime. Their peak bloom period is in the early summer, which is why June’s birth flower is the rose. 

These roses will last until late fall and have a five to six regrowth cycle. Their repetitive bloom makes them an ideal flower for flower gardens or landscaping. 


Light and Soil Requirements 

These roses must live in a sunny spot that receives a minimum of six hours of sunlight per day. They thrive in warm to hot temperatures and despise cold temperatures for long periods. 

They prefer a rich soil mixture containing fertilizer, well-drained soil, and a combination of organic matter to give them the necessary nutrients. Crushed eggshells, composted manure, and fish emulsion are perfect soil additions to help the roses thrive. 

Mulching white rose is a good way to help keep the moisture content appropriate for the long term as well. 



White ones should be pruned regularly to help them produce a multitude of strong, healthy flowers. It is always best to prune them in the early spring before they start to produce new growth. Of course, the variety of white ones will have an impact on when and how they are pruned. 


Water Needs 

Any white rose plant will do well when they are watered evenly and consistently. Moist soil is always best, with a minimum of 1” of water per week. New roses receive water at least every other day. 


Pests and Diseases 

Powdery mildew is the downfall of many rose bushes, as are common pests like aphids, slugs, and thrips. Aphids and thrips are particularly dangerous because they suck the sap out of the leaves leaving skeletal-like leaves and stems that struggle to bounce back. 

Black spot is also a challenge owner have to overcome. 



White roses are breathtaking flowers that brighten up any outdoor garden or landscaping design. They have a reputation for being a bit fickle, however, with a little research and a dash of luck, they can populate your yard in no time.

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