How To Grow And Take Care Of White Lily Flower?

How to grow and take care of white lily flower - greenplantpro

A white lily flower is a beautiful and elegant flower known for its purity. It is known worldwide with a long history of being favorable to many cultures around the globe. 

Its large size makes it stand out above other flowers and its longevity makes it a perfect choice for many occasions like weddings, funerals, birthdays, or any celebration where the beauty of nature should be honored. 


What does a white lily flower looks like?

The tall, pointed bud of a white lily flower opens into a star-shaped blossom with wide and short petals. The flower relies on pollinators, such as moths or butterflies, to carry its pollen to other plants. Its height can range from 6 inches to 3 feet.

This is a beautiful, fragrant flower that can grow up to 30 inches tall. It grows best in well-drained soil, with full sun or partial shade. It prefers moist locations. The lily blooms in mid-summer through autumn, and it needs to be divided every few years to increase its numbers and spread.


Types of white lily flower



Plant height 45 cm, leucorrhea with yellow heart, 6-7 buds per branch.



25 cm plant height, leucorrhea with yellow heart, 6-8 buds per branch.



The plant height is 40 cm, the flowers are dark red with white edges, and the number of buds per branch is 9-11.



30 cm plant height, flowers pink with yellow heart, 5-7 buds per branch.



The plant height is 25 cm, the flowers are white with yellow hearts, and each branch has 6-10 buds.



50 cm plant height, the flowers are pink with yellow hearts, and the number of buds per branch is 7-9.



45 cm plant height, the flowers are dark pink, and the number of buds per branch is 5-7.



40 cm plant height, the flowers are pink with yellow hearts, and the number of buds per branch is 5-7.



The plant height is 40 cm, the flowers are dark yellow, and the number of buds per branch is 8-10.



40 cm plant height, the flowers are dark red, and the number of buds per branch is 6-8.



Plant height 45 cm, yellow flowers, 4-6 buds per branch.



The plant height is 40 cm, the flowers are pure white, and the number of buds per branch is 7-9.



30 cm plant height, the flowers are dark red, and the number of buds per branch is 4-6.



Plant height 35 cm, orange flowers, 6-8 buds per branch.



45 cm plant height, the flowers are golden yellow, and the number of buds per branch is 6-8.



The plant height is 45 cm, the flowers are golden orange, and the number of buds per branch is 4-6.


White lily flower meanings

As with all flowers, there is a wide range of meanings and interpretations to the lily flower. The most popular meaning of white lily flower is purity and innocence. This is probably because white is associated with goodness and virtue. In some cultures, the white lily flower also means chastity.

White lily flower also symbolizes humility. It represents purity of the heart, mind and soul. It is also believed that lily flowers are a sign of good health, happiness, and prosperity. This flower is a symbol of virtue, honor, and sanctity; it signifies moral perfection, humility, innocence and goodness.

The white lily flower also symbolizes virginity. Some people believe that if you pick this flower on a certain day of the year and place it under your pillow at night. You will have good dreams about your future husband or wife.

It also represents hope for the dead or dying person’s soul because it does not wither even after the petals have fallen off. This belief has been carried over from ancient Egypt where this plant was used in religious ceremonies dedicated to Isis and Osiris.


Different numbers of white lily flower meanings

1 flower: I have a soft spot for you

2 flowers: in the eyes of the world only the two of us

3 flowers: sweet honey

4 flowers: Vows eachother

5 flowers: no complaints and no regrets

6 flowers: I wish you all the best

7 flowers: endless blessings

8 flowers: I am deeply sorry

9 flowers: permanent possession

10 flowers: perfect love

11 flowers: love

12 flowers: miss each other every day

13 flowers: You are the person in my crush

20 flowers: love you forever, never change

22 flowers: love each other

33 flowers: affectionate call: I love you

36 flowers: romantic mood is all because of you

44 flowers: eternal vows

50 flowers: This is love without regrets

56 flowers: my love

66 flowers: the love scene is smooth

77 Flowers: It is a predestined relationship to meet

88 flowers: make up for all mistakes with your heart

99 flowers: love is invincible, friendship lasts forever

100 flowers: hold your hand and grow old with you

101 flowers: You are my only love

108 flowers: marry me

123 flowers: love freedom

144 flowers: I love you forever and ever

365 flowers: miss you every day, love you every day

999 flowers: together forever, endless love

1000 flowers: Loyal love to death


How to grow and care for white lily flower?


Plant time

White lily can be planted any time of the year, but it will grow and bloom faster if it is planted in the fall or winter. 

If you want to see your white lily grow tall, it is better to plant it in the winter or early spring. if you plant it in the summer or late spring, its stem will grow very weak and skinny because there is not enough water stored in the ground.



Growing white lily flowers is a long and tedious work, but it can be very rewarding if you have the right growing environment. 

First, it is best to use natural sunlight as much as possible, but if that is not an option, use artificial light. 

If you are using artificial light, try to use fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs will help simulate natural sunlight because they emit light in a spectrum similar to the rays of the sun. 

Natural sunlight is the best because it contains ultraviolet rays which are very important in growing white lily flowers.



As far as the soil is concerned, lily needs compost that contains some amount of peat moss and bark or bits of wood chips. 

The amount of peat moss needed depends on the moisture holding capacity of the compost you are using, but usually a ratio of 1:1 between the two is ideal. 

Also, add enough organic material along with the compost to make sure your lily will be able to grow in it well.

Ideally, you should use soil that is light and draining. White lilies have shallow roots, so it is important that the soil does not retain too much water.



How often to water your white lily will also depend on whether you have it indoors or outdoors.

If you have an indoor plant, it is important to allow the soil to dry out between watering. If the air in your home is dry, watering more often is fine. Otherwise, watering too often can cause root rot or fungus in your plant. 

But, if your indoor plant is flowering or showing signs of wilting (the leaves will be limp and drooping), it’s time to water it.

Suppose your plant is outside and in a pot with drainage holes at the bottom (or in the ground), remember that rainy days don’t count as watering days. 

Depending on how hot and sunny it gets where you live, it may be necessary to water every day during summer months. 

Water should run through the soil freely when you water; if water pools at the bottom of the container or doesn’t run through the soil easily, then wait until it does before watering.


Temperature and humidity

The temperature and humidity of the environment can make a big difference in the growth of white lily flower. 

The optimal temperature for growing white lily flower is in the range of 50-65℃, but it is possible to grow them in a temperature range from 0 to 85℃ too. 

The ideal humidity for growing white lily flower is around 70%. 

When the temperature and humidity are higher than the ideal range, it will promote the growth of plants, but if it’s lower than those ranges, it will affect on their growth.



Select organic fertilizer rather than chemical fertilizer as it can help grow healthy and robust plants. 

Organic fertilizer also makes sure that there is no toxic residue left from chemicals that may be harmful to you when you ingest them through the food they produce. 

However, you must remember that organic fertilizers take longer to show results as compared to chemical fertilizers.

Fertilizers made of fish emulsion and blood meal are good choices if you want to grow white lilies using organic fertilizers because both have high amounts of phosphorus. 

Phosphorus helps the roots of plants spread out fast and encourages blooming by facilitating the growth of healthy cell walls in plants. 

Fish emulsion is easily available while blood meal needs a little bit more effort to find but it has a higher concentration of phosphorus than what you will get from fish emulsion.

The plant needs to be fertilized with a balanced fertilizer like Miracle Grow every time the top half inch of soil dries out or when you first plant it. 

If you have fish in your pond, use a commercial fish food to feed them after giving the plants their dose of fertilizer.

It is recommended that you use organic compost on the soil around your plants each spring before adding any fertilizer. 

Organic compost adds beneficial microbes and trace minerals to the soil. Your white lilies will love this extra boost of nutrients.


It is easy to take care of your flowers. You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Put the flower into water when you get it.
  1. Make sure the water is changed every few days, and make sure it is clean.
  1. Make sure that they are in a place that gets plenty of sunlight, but not too much.
  1. If they start to wilt or turn brown, put them in some water with a little bit of sugar in it to perk them up again.



There are many folklores associated with the white lily flower. In Southern India white lilies are worshipped by Hindus during Durga Pooja. 

The flower is also a traditional symbol for chastity and purity which makes it a perfect choice of bouquet for newlyweds. 

Whether you are looking to gift white lilies or planning to wear them as attire, make sure you read the meaning behind them and understand what they stand for.

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