How To Grow And Take Care Of String Of Hearts Plant?

How to grow and take care of string of hearts plant - greenplantpro

As an ornamental houseplant, the String of Hearts plant is a trailing succulent native to South Africa, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe. It is part of the milkweed sub-family and is commonly called a lantern flower, necklace vine, wine glass vine, or bushman’s pipeline.

While the plant can be grown indoors and outdoors, it thrives when placed in an indoor hanging pot facing a South or West window. It is one of the most tolerant houseplants, easy to propagate, and takes little maintenance.

Keep reading to learn how to take care of String of Hearts and why you should consider growing this uniquely beautiful perennial plant.


What Does a String of Hearts Look Like?

It is often grown indoors and has dark green variegated leaves with silver, cream, or pink marbling. The leaves are heart-shaped and grow on a thin, string-like vine every few inches. 

The vines have a purple tint and can grow up to nine feet long, taking on the characteristics of a cascading waterfall. The blooms form tube-like flowers in shades of white to pale magenta.

During the summer, tiny downward-pointing hairs appear in the blooms that attract pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds. If fertilize the flower, it will form horn-shaped seed pods perfect for plant propagation.


How To Grow and Take Care of String of Hearts?

While some people think this plant is challenging to grow, this unique succulent is quite tolerant whether grown indoors or outdoors. If planted outdoors, the decorative vine does well as ground cover, in rock gardens, or growing on a trellis. 

The key to growing this flower outdoors is to plant it in subtropical to tropical climates that maintain a temperature of 60° F or warmer in the wintertime. USDA plant hardiness zones ten or higher work the best.

Even though the vine flourishes outdoors in warmer climates, it does not like direct sunlight. Instead, it enjoys an area with at least 3 to 4 hours of indirect sunlight. 

The flower also grows well indoors, whether placed in a hanging pot or on a window sill. Always ensure the plant receives ample indirect sunlight and afternoon shade.


Watering the String of Hearts Plant

Knowing how often to water this plant can be tricky. If it is overwatered, the leaves will feel soft to the touch, turn yellow, brown, or black, and fall to the ground. On the other hand, if underwatered, the leaves will curl and begin to discolor.

Typically, when this evergreen vine is adequately watered, the leaves will feel firm to the touch and will be a vibrant green marbled color.

While the String of Heart does not require much watering, it should be watered at least once a week in the summertime. Then, let completely dry before watering again. The plant should only be watered once every three to four weeks during the winter due to its dormant state.

If you are unsure whether watering your plant is too much or too little, try watering from the bottom. Fill a bowl with water 1/4th full; then submerge the vine in the water bowl for 10 minutes.

Always keep the plant in a pot with good drainage. It does not like sitting in wet soil for an extended period. If left in damp soil, this often causes root rot.


How To Propagate String of Hearts?

When considering whether to propagate your String of Hearts plants, it is best done during the spring and summer when the plant grows new leaves.


Propagating String of Hearts in Water

One of the easiest methods of propagating this plant is in water. First, cut the vine right below the node on the vine. Next, place the cut vine in a water-filled jar or vase and set it in a warm area. The roots will begin to grow within a few days.


Propagating String of Hearts in Soil

When propagating your String of Hearts plant in soil, cut the vine below the node at whatever length you choose. Remove the leaves about 2-inches from the bottom of the stem. Place the vine in a pot of soil, and ensure the soil covers the nodes entirely. 

After planting the vine cuttings in the soil, slightly moisten the soil for the next few days. Once the plant starts to look green and healthy, begin watering once a week.


How Do I Make My String of Hearts Fuller?

Pruning your String of Hearts plant will help it look fuller. You can cut the vine below one of the nodes while leaving a little of the stem attached, then propagate the vine using either propagation method. 

You can start a new plant when the roots begin to grow or place the newly propagated vines in the same pot as the mother plant. Don’t worry about overcrowding; this unique plant does well when crowded in one pot.



The String of Hearts plant is one of the easiest plants to grow, despite what some people may think. 

The String of Hearts plant may be a good choice if you’re looking for a tolerant, evergreen plant that requires little maintenance, can grow indoors or outdoors and has little to no problems.

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