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Red roses are the universal symbol of love. In Victorian history, people used red roses as a form of expression. They replaced public displays of affection that lovers were not allowed to express.

The red ones are perfect for more than expressing love and affection. It can be handy in other ways, such as ornaments for special occasions. These roses are utilized in health remedies, skincare, and cooking. 

Anytime is perfect to surprise someone you love with a bouquet of these roses. What happens if you mix red with other colors? The answer may surprise you when you read this article. 


Where Did Red Roses Originate?

It dates back to the time of Greek and Roman gods. In the Greek myth, Aphrodite ran toward her lover Adonis to warn him of a threat against him. Along the way, thorns scraped Aphrodite’s feet. The blood from her feet stained the white roses red. Or the color derives from the blood of Adonis when he died after being attacked by a boar.  


What Do Red Roses Look Like?

Roses are circular-shaped flowers with symmetrical faces and vertical axes. The soft velvety petals overlap. The outer petals open outward and the inner layers grow in a more upward position. Some may have edges that are curlier than others. 


What Do Red Roses Symbolize?

It symbolizes love and romance. Roses can have different spiritual meanings in each religion. Gifting someone with red ones displays feelings of romance, passion, love, courage, or sensuality. Some people grow red types in their gardens as good luck charms to symbolize prosperity.


Meaning by Numbers

The meaning of these roses may also vary by the number of roses you send. 

  • One single rose signifies love at first sight. 
  • Two red ones mean there is mutual love and affection.
  • Three red ones have the dual job of saying “I Love You” on a one-month anniversary.
  • Four red ones say that nothing will come between you and your love.
  • Nine red roses symbolize eternal love and are perfect for a marriage proposal. 
  • One dozen red ones declare undying love and passion for someone. 
  • Seventeen red ones tell your wife “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Valentine’s Day.”
  • Two dozen roses proclaim, “I am yours forever.”


What Do Red Roses Mean to a Woman?

When you give a red one to a woman, you show her that you are deeply passionate about her. 

There are variations of the red rose meaning, such as the color, number of flowers, and whether or not the rose has thorns. 

A single red rose universally means “I love you.” If a woman receives a red rosebud, it means that the giver finds her to be lovely and innocent. A bouquet of roses symbolizes appreciation. 

If you gift a woman with a red one without thorns, it conveys that you have loved her from the moment you met. 


Why Are Red Roses Special?

They represent love in many ways. Red rose bouquets on Valentine’s Day symbolize passion and romance. As wedding flower arrangements, red roses are classic and symbolize true love.

They are one of the three roses that grow naturally in color, with white and pink being the other two. They have a fragrance that is very appealing to humans and attractive to pollinators. 

Roses are grown for their beauty, fragrance, and healing properties. The petals are antioxidants, while their oils and water can help cure depression, anxiety, and inflammation. The rose oil and water can detox the body, and fight infections.

Their water and oils also nourish the skin.  Professionals sometimes apply these products before makeup. They are useful in cooking by adding flavor to some dishes and a soothing aroma to herbal teas

Historically, women wore roses as floral ornaments due to their elegance. They are perfect for any occasion, formal or casual.


What Happens When You Mix Red Roses With Other Colors?

Red rose complements any color. Add a white rose to the mix to express your enduring love for a woman. A combination of red and white roses is perfect for union ceremonies, such as weddings. 

A bouquet of red and yellow flowers indicates the love you share. They are ideal for romantic dates with that special someone. 

Yellow roses with red tips signify a friendship developing into love. Gifting someone with these beautiful roses means you desire a fresh outlook on the relationship.

A combination of pink and red roses symbolizes affection and admiration for someone who makes you happy. They add nuance to a birthday and anniversary celebration.


Can I Give Red Roses to a Friend?

Since they are a gesture of love and passion, avoid giving them to friends. The color of choice for friendship is yellow. 


How Do You Grow Red Roses?

Roses need sunlight and well-draining soil. Be careful about planting too many in the same flower bed because they may not grow well in crowded spaces.

  1. Plant them in the spring after the danger of frost is over or in the fall. 
  2. Dig holes that are deep and wide enough for roots to grow and the soil to drain.
  3. Rose bushes need six to eight hours of direct sunlight for healthy flowers to bloom.
  4. Fertilize and water them regularly at ground level to keep roses healthy and mildew-free. 
  5. Prune back the dead branches or buds so that new ones can grow. 



Red roses are beautiful bright flowers that any woman would be happy to receive. They have been around for centuries and are still the universal symbol of love. 

These flowers represent passion, romance, sensuality, and love. Roses make perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day. They go well with any color combination to celebrate special occasions. 

Rose water and oil have healing properties and can cure many ailments. Roses are easy to grow and maintain. These elegant flowers can last for a lifetime if you fertilize and water them regularly, and provide ample sunlight.

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