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Roses, daisies, and chrysanthemums are a few plant varieties that feature red flowers. Often used to represent love, passion, and romance, red flowers can make a striking addition to any bouquet. 

If you are considering adding red flowers to your garden or gifting them to someone you care about, you may have wondered about the meaning and history of crimson blooms. What red flowers are the most popular? What feelings are they used to convey?

Keep reading to learn more about red flowers and how you can use them to celebrate, decorate, or send a message.


Red Flower Meanings

Throughout history and in many cultures, red flowers symbolize plenty of things. Although they are closely related to love and romance, that’s not all they have come to represent. Depending on the variety of flowers, you could be saying many different things.

Here are a few different emotions red flowers have come to represent.

  • Love
  • Passion
  • Romance
  • Beauty
  • Courage
  • Respect
  • Sorrow
  • Sympathy


Types of Red Flowers

There are wide varieties of flowers that have red blooms. Here are five of the most popular types of red flowers.



Red roses are a classic gift. These flowers are often presented on Valentine’s Day and anniversaries to represent love and interest.

The rose comprises layered petals that fold over each other in a circle around the flower’s center. Its stem is usually long and thorny.


English Daisies

Daisies generally have come to represent innocence and purity. The love represented by these flowers is the type of love a mother would have for her children.

The red English daisies are vibrant in appearance. Short, soft petals surround a bright yellow center. 



Read chrysanthemums or another classic symbol of love. These hearty blooms are at their peak in autumn, making them perfect for a fall bouquet.

Bright, small petals bloom out from the center of the flower in many shades ranging from white to deep red.  



Peonies are joyful flowers that often represent wealth, happiness, and romance. Red peonies, in particular, express passion and are usually given on romantic occasions.

Peonies range in color, including white, pink, yellow, red, and purple. Layered petals grow out tightly from the center in a ball giving this flower its unique appearance.



Red poppies hold a significant meaning for the military. Red poppies are worn or given on Remembrance Day to honor fallen soldiers.

The flowers grow on long slender stems, with bright-colored petals ranging from purple and red to white, and layered around a dark center. The petals open up and out, forming a small cup.


What Is the Prettiest Red Flower?

Undoubtedly, red roses are considered the prettiest red flower. When presented in a large bouquet accented by baby’s breath, they create a distinctive display. Red roses are a classic symbol of love, romance, and beauty.

Not only are they a meaningful gesture between loved ones, but they have also become highly symbolic in storytelling. In Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Prince Adam is haunted by an enchanted rose, doomed to find love or remain a beast forever.

Plus, they come in many shades. From bright red to a darker burgundy like wine, red roses go with almost any occasion.


What Is a Popular Red Flower?

Red flowers, in general, are an excellent option for gardens, bouquets, and other floral arrangements, but what are the most popular? 


Most Popular in Bouquets 

A bouquet of red roses is probably the most popular choice if you want to catch someone’s interest. Red carnations are also fantastic for this purpose.


Most Popular in Gardens

To add a splash of ruby to your flower bed, plant tulips, which are a great option that will bloom in spring. To continue this color into the fall, plant some red chrysanthemum.


What Flowers Are Burgundy?

If you’re looking for a tone that’s not quite so bright or crimson, you might appreciate a burgundy flower. These specifications might be vital if you’re planning a wedding or celebration that requires a specific color scheme.

Fortunately, many red flowers range in tone and shade, so you’ll likely be able to find burgundy in wide varieties. Carnations, chrysanthemums, and English daisies can all present a burgundy flower.


What Is a Red Flowering Perennial?

Generally, flowers are either annuals or perennials. Annuals complete their entire life cycle in one season. Perennials, on the other hand, will continue to bloom for several years. This does mean, however, that a perennial will not be in bloom as long as annuals are.

If you want to plant some red perennials in your garden, it’s wise to research what zone you’re in. Different zones have different climates. Depending on which one you are in, your flowers may or may not continue to regrow each year.

In zones 5 to 9, chrysanthemums are perennials and will come back each year in the late summer and fall. Daylilies, which come in shades of red, are perennials that bloom each spring.


Colors That Go Well With Red Flowers

If you want to commemorate a season or occasion, it’s good to develop a color scheme that will complement red flowers. This is easy since red is a primary color and easily pairs well with other warm shades.

Come up with a list of red flower names and pictures to help you figure out what combinations you like best. Bright yellow bidens and red and orange chrysanthemums can give your porch the feeling of a sunny autumn day.

During the holiday season, consider decorating with some gorgeous red and white poinsettias. These magnificent blooms are a staple during the winter months.

For an elegant and classy wedding, red and white roses won’t let you down. 



Red flowers can commemorate almost any occasion and make a gorgeous addition to any garden or planter. When considering a splash of scarlet for your decor, it’s easy to do some research and find that perfect bloom.

Rich in history and meaning, red flowers can help add depth to all of your celebrations. Whether you want to express love, courage, or sympathy, these flowers say it all.

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