What Do Purple Roses Symbolize?

What Do Purple Roses Symbolize - Greenplantpro

Purple roses have been around for a while, but they are still very popular. Their popularity isn’t just with new customers either. Hobbyists who grow roses and those who simply appreciate their beauty are drawn to purple roses as well. If you’ve ever wondered what the fuss is all about when it comes to these colorful flowers, keep reading.


What is a purple rose look like?

A purple rose is a variation of the red rose (Rosa hybrids). It can grow up to two feet tall. Its leaves are green and grow from a stalk directly off the main root of the plant.

The flowers have five petals and they come in shades of pink and purple. The stems have five leaflets, arranged in a line that increases in size upwards along the stem. 

Purple roses are beautiful flowers that are a rare breed. Their color ranges from dark purple to nearly red and their thornless stems can grow up to 12 feet high.

It’s hard to imagine that a flower with such vibrant color could have a past as dull as white and green, but it does. The first flowers were white, then they began to form in different shades of pink, then purple came about.


History of purple roses

They’re also not nearly as rare in terms of history. In fact, they’ve been around since the 16th century. The first recorded purple roses were bred in Asia. But it wasn’t until the 18th century that Dutch growers began cultivating them.

In the 1800s, Dutch growers were looking for a way to create different colored roses. They tried cross-breeding to see what kinds of new colors would come out. Flower growers tried this for years until one day a happy accident happened.

Purple roses are a relatively new phenomenon, having been created first in the late 19th century and gaining popularity in the 20th century. 

The earliest purple rose was called ‘Mme. Caroline Testout. But it almost never made it to the market. The rose’s creator was a Frenchman named Jean-Baptiste Guillot. He had a knack for growing roses and hybridizing them to create new varieties. But he had no idea what he’d created with Mme to test out.

He discovered an existing white rose with a slightly purple color and bred it with another light-colored variety to achieve the color we now know as lavender – then known as “rose lilac”. Before selling his roses, he gave them to the famous French perfumer Mme.

Caroline Testout’s opinion of the scent he created. She liked it so much that she bought all of his stock for her perfume business. Although she wasn’t sure if people wanted their flowers to smell like perfume.


What do purple roses symbolize?

Traditionally, people give purple roses on Mother’s Day, but you can also give this as a gift to honor other important women in one’s life. These flowers are also used for their spiritual meanings and their beauty.


Initial Meaning

The meaning of purple roses is directly linked to their color. Purple is a mix of red and blue. When these two colors are combined, they represent balance and harmony.

This is why purple is the color usually associated with royalty. Various purple roses, such as lavender or mauve roses, can be mixed with red to symbolize the harmony between mother and child.

Purple roses are said to bring peace to a relationship or marriage. Helping overcome any existing obstacles or differences between the partners. They encourage trust, understanding, forgiveness and love between the couple. The darker the color of the flower, the stronger its spiritual power.

When a man give purple roses to his wife or girlfriend, this flower represent a passion for her, as well as love and tenderness for her children. They also mean that he will always be there for them as well as for her.


Purple Roses As Gifts

There are many other occasions when giving a gift of purple roses is appropriate: On Mother’s Day, it represents an acknowledgment.


Other meanings

The purple rose is a flower of love. In medieval times, people believed that the color purple had magical powers. Some believed that simply looking at a purple rose would cure the common cold. Its healing properties were also said to be able to cure mental illness.

It is a symbol of human spiritual power. Long associated with royalty and high positions. Sometimes, people who have great power and authority in their lives often associated with the color purple.

People often give purple roses as a gift to someone who has an important position in society or business. Such as a politician, theater producer or director, headmaster, or CEO.

A purple sose can represent wisdom and knowledge. Persons who wears jewelry made from this gemstone is believed to be lucky and bring happiness to others around them. Purple is also symbolic of creativity and imagination.


Is a purple rose rare?

Yes, purple roses are pretty rare. They are usually produced by crossing two different types of roses.

Roses have “perfect” flowers. Meaning they have both male and female parts. So they can reproduce without any help from other plants. For a rose to be purple it needs to have a genetic mutation that prevents the plant from producing yellow or orange pigments. In order for this to happen naturally, the plant needs to be exposed to pollen from another similar rose that has the same mutation.

Most of the time, when introduce a new color of rose. It is because breeders have created it by crossing two different colors of roses together. A famous example is a red rose called “Cardinal de Richelieu”, which was bred by crossing red and white roses in 1894.


Why are my purple roses turning pink?

Purple is a difficult color to achieve in roses. One of the most common problems when growing roses is that they lose their color and turn pink. This can be caused by several different factors.

The first is temperature. Roses need a certain temperature range to stay true to their colors. If the temperature is too hot or cold, they will lose their color. The other reason is water. 

Too much water can cause the leaves to turn black, which will make the rose lose its color as well as its leaves. 

Also, if you have soft water (water with low mineral content) you will have to change your watering schedule. Because the water will be too soft and will not help the plant grow properly.

Another possibility is lack of fertilizer. It’s important to fertilize your roses at least once a month with roses food for flowering plants. This will help them stay healthy and continue to keep their beautiful colors.

Lastly, some people think that if you put aspirin into the soil it will help keep your roses from losing their color in the summer heat, but this is not true. 

If you are planting new roses or want them to keep their colors longer. Then make sure you check on them every day.


How do I make my roses purple?

There are a number of different ways to make roses purple. The exact method you choose will depend on the final appearance you’re going for, as well as the type of rose you’re working with. 

If you want to change the color of your roses so that they look more naturally purple. Or if you’re trying to dye white fabric a shade of purple for use in a costume, there are a few different options.

For a very natural-looking shade, you can simply place your roses in an area where they’ll be exposed to plenty of direct sunlight without any other plants nearby. 

While the sun alone won’t turn those buds purple, it will help make them more vibrant and bring out their natural pink color. If you want something a bit more intense, try using food coloring. 

Mix together water with enough food coloring to create your desired color, then dip your roses in the mixture while they’re still in their buds. 

This is great because it’s much quicker than trying to wait for the plant to develop its own color through exposure to sunlight. But it doesn’t give you quite as durable or true-to-life color as some other forms of dyes and treatments.



Although purple roses don’t have the longevity of some other varieties, they still have a lot to offer. This flower has its own unique charm, but it’s not the ideal variety to use in every situation. 

However, if you’re looking for an eye-catching selection, or are simply adventurous when it comes to gardening, this interesting variety might be worth considering at some point in the future.

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