What Does Purple Pansy Flower Mean?

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The Purple pansy flower is such a cute flower. It is something very lovely to look at. People do attach a lot of meanings to things they don’t understand. 

But have you ever thought that the purple pansy flower may be more than just a pretty face of the garden? Let me introduce you some amazing facts about this Purple Pansy flower.


What is a purple pansy flower look like?

Purple Pansy flower is a kind of perennial flower that grows in Europe and Asia. The purple pansy flower has a dark blue base with a white-purple center, lavender petals and yellow stamens. 

It is also called heartsease, wild violet, heart’s delight, love-in-idleness, scented or field pansy. You can find this flower in gardens during spring and summer.


History of purple pansy flower

The purple pansy flower has a long and colorful history that spans various cultures, including the Egyptians and the Chinese. 

In today’s society, people thought this flower is a weed. But once a time, when was only royalty allowed to grow it.

The history of the purple pansy flower is closely tied to its cousin, the yellow pansy. The two species have very similar appearances, with a few important distinctions.

Yellow pansy is native to Greece and Italy. The first record of this flower was in Greece around 600 B.C. While the purple pansy has been on record as far back as 400 B.C. When it was growing in Crete, Egypt and Ethiopia.

Egyptian physicians used both kinds of pansies medicinally during the time of Queen Hatshepsut in 1500 B.C. They recommend gathering These two flowers for use as a diuretic. In fact, they use both colors for medicinal purposes: yellow for stomach problems and purple for urinary tract infections.


Are purple pansies rare?

Purple pansies aren’t actually rare, but they are relatively hard to find in the wild. 

Because they’re a hybrid plant, and they’re not in the same species as the type of pansy that most people often use as garden decorations. That’s why it used to be that every time you saw a pansy. 

It was always its familiar deep purple hue. But then naturists brought the two types together, and now we can choose between more shades of purple than we can imagine.

The deep-rooted affection of some gardeners for this flower over the centuries is the circumstances that led to the discovery of the unique color of this species.

In 1887, a man named Reginald Farrer discovered a mutant strain of the common purple pansy on his family estate. In his book called “The Pansies”. He described how he felt about seeing this new color for the first time:

I found myself looking at a plant that was quite different from any I had ever seen before. It was a most delicate shade of lilac or lavender, with an underlayer of violet.


What do purple pansies mean?



In some cultures, purple pansies are a symbol of love – the color itself is associated with passion and romance.

Purple pansy blossoms were originally used to symbolize both the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph. But today the flower is most commonly linked with love, specifically romantic love. To many, purple pansies mean “I am carrying your child.”

The blue and purple variation of the pansy is considered by many to be a true representation of love. It’s said that if you plant these flowers together, they will bring you eternal happiness. 

If you’re looking for an interesting and unusual gift for your sweetheart to celebrate your anniversary or Valentine’s Day, consider giving purple pansies.



In Victorian England, after Queen Victoria’s husband died in 1861. She ordered that her family’s mourning clothes be changed from black to purple. So she could still have some color in her wardrobe. 

When people saw purple flowers at weddings after that, they began using them as a symbol of new beginnings and happiness.



Purple is also associated with royalty and wealth. So this could be interpreted as “I want to be yours forever,” or “I’m so in love with you that I’d do anything for you.” 

In this case, the purple pansy represents how devoted the giver is to their recipient. This could be a good gift to give a parent or grandparent to let them know that you’ll always cherish them. Or even to your significant other if they’ve made a commitment to stay together forever (e.g., engagement).

The Chinese culture believes that the pansy flower can ward off demons and bring happiness to those who carry it in their pockets or homes.

 It is also believed that if you pull on the petals of the flower, they will reveal your future spouse’s name. This may be why it is also known as “Love in Thoughts.”

The Chinese culture believes that the pansy flower can ward off demons and bring happiness to those who carry it in their pockets or homes.

 It is also believed that if you pull on the petals of the flower, they will reveal your future spouse’s name. This may be why it is also known as “Love in Thoughts.”



It’s not easy to make something so delicate look so beautiful, but somehow the purple pansy flower has managed this. 

It deserves lots of respect for what it does in nature, as well as admiration for how it makes us feel when we see it. 

And if you ever get the chance to walk through some pansy flowers, you should definitely take it.

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