How To Take Care of Pansy Flowers?

How to take care of pansy flowers - greenplantpro

Pansies are a classic flower that is easy to grow. They do not require much attention, but there are some things you can do to keep them healthy and looking great. Pansies are fairly easy to care for once they’ve been planted. Here are some tips for taking care of your pansy flowers.



Light is an important factor when it comes to taking care of pansy flowers. 

For the healthy growth of pansy flowers, they require at least 10 hours exposed to light a day. And make sure they can get direct light. 

If you are living in an area where there is not much sunlight or have a room that receives less light, artificial light is needed for the flower to grow well.

Pansy flower needs both blue and red lights for healthy growth. A little amount of red light encourages the plant to produce more buds while blue light helps the plant to produce more roots.

Pansies also need moderate light. Otherwise, they won’t bloom properly or at all. Sunlight is an important source of nutrients for the plant’s health and growth.

Make sure your pansy flowers are in full sunlight during the day as this would give them the energy to stay strong through the night.



They are one of the most popular types of flowers that you can use in your home. But watering is the main concern for growing a healthy and beautiful pansy flower.

Actual water needed by the pansy will vary from plant to plant. Some will need more than others and some less. The thing to keep in mind is that soil should always be moist, not dry.

For most pansies, the water requirement is about 1 inch every week to ten days, depending on weather conditions and other factors such as sunlight, temperature and air movement. 

Overwatering is more common for some flowers that it may lead to root rot, stem rot and leaf tip burn depending on the type of pansies you have planted.

Pansies are tolerant plants so they can stand drought but they don’t flower as long if there isn’t enough water. So we suggest watering the pansies regularly especially when it’s hot outside and they are exposed to sunlight. 

In addition, water with a little fertilizer solution once a month or as needed to avoid yellowing leaves which could indicate nitrogen deficiency.



The temperature will affect the growth and color of your pansies.

In fact, there are many temperature factors that need to be taken into consideration. The first one is temperature itself. The moderate temperature will provide the best condition for the pansy. 

They usually grow well in temperatures between 40 degrees F and 85 degrees F. Temperatures more than this can burn their leaves and root system. While temperatures below 40 degrees F will cause their leaves to turn brown, shrivel up and die.

The best way to keep the temperature constant is to use an electric grow light and a thermostat. However, an inexpensive way of providing adequate heat for your pansy flower is by using a heating cable or mat under them.

Make sure that the mat is water resistant and has built-in thermostats. These mats are available at pet stores and hardware stores. Just make sure that they have adequate wattage so you can use them all year round.



Soil is a major factor when it comes to taking care of your pansy flower. It’s best to use soil with excellent drainage so that the roots won’t be waterlogged. 

Waterlogging can cause root rot which can eventually lead to the death of the plant.

What’s more, it is advisable to use a mixture of soil and perlite so the soil will have better drainage and air pockets for aeration. 

The benefit of using perlite with soil is that it will make the soil lighter than if you were to use only soil.

Pansy likes to have its soil moist but not soggy or wet. If you don’t have time to check on your plant, then the best solution is to use a drip irrigation system. Or put your plants in a tray filled with pebbles or gravel. The tray will allow excess water to drain away from the plant’s roots.



There are lots of ways to fertilize the flower. However, you need to know that not all fertilizers will work on pansy. 

The best fertilizer for pansy flowers is manure. This is because manure has a lot of nitrogen in it and this is what the pansy needs to grow well.

You can get the fertilizer by mixing aged animal manure with sand or sawdust. Once the flower is planted, add the manure to the soil. Or made the manure tea from fresh cow manure and water. And left to stand overnight, strained through cloth, then use as a foliar spray.

Adding fertilizer will improve soil conditions, promote root growth and will supply extra nutrition for the plant.

To ensure that your pansies receive enough nutrients for proper growth, feed them regularly with fertilizers high in NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium). 

These are specially formulated for flowering plants and their use promotes healthy root growth while helping your plants reach their full potential within a short period of time.



I think you should plant pansy flowers every spring so that you can take care of them and use them in your own garden. 

You can make a nice flowerbed out of them and enjoy the flowers they produce. They are easy to plant and easy to maintain, especially if you have children. It would be a fun project for kids or anyone who wants to get into the world of gardening.

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