October Birth Flower And Their Care Tips

October birth flower and their care tips - greenplantpro

The October birth flowers are some of the vibrant foliage that helps create the colorful backdrop of the autumn season. If your birthday falls in October, you likely know what the October birth flowers are. But do you understand why they represent October? 

There’s a lot to learn about these flowers, and they have a rich history. From celebrating the autumn season to remembering our departed loved ones, these beautiful buds fit right into our yearly calendar and decor. 

So, what is October’s birth flower? Keep reading to find out more about these beautiful flowers.


What Is October’s Birth Flower?

Two flowers represent the month of October, namely:

  • Cosmos
  • Pot Marigold


Is the October Birth Flower a Pot Marigold or Cosmos?

It can be confusing to find two flowers listed as the October birth flower, but this month is not unique in this aspect.

Both the pot marigold and cosmos represent the month of October, with the pot marigold being slightly more popular. 


Why Does October Have Two Flowers?

Many months on the calendar have more than one flower. Each is used to celebrate different aspects of the month and the people born in it. 


What Is the Meaning of October’s Birth Flowers?

When learning about October flowers, you’ll likely want to know the October birth flower meaning. These flowers have a lot of history and have come to represent many things in different cultures.


Pot Marigold Meaning

Throughout history, marigolds have been comforting to people grieving the loss of loved ones. Its sunshine coloring represents a guiding path to the departed. 

As many cultures continue to celebrate the commemoration of the deceased in or around October, such as the Day of The Dead, this flower is well-suited for the month.

There’s often a focus on the sunny disposition and feeling of prosperity this flower provides. In any case, there’s no getting around the fact that this foliage is a staple in the fall background.


Cosmos Meaning

Cosmos represents:

  • Peace
  • Prosperity
  • Tranquility

Spanish priests claimed the evenly spaced petals are a reflection of the perfect harmony reflected in our natural world.

The name “cosmos” comes from the Greek word kosmos, which means order, harmony, and the universe. This meaning comes as no surprise when you observe this flower’s graceful symmetry.


What Do the October Flowers Look Like?

The October flowers are some of the most familiar among the fall foliage. Here are some tips on how to spot them.


Pot Marigold Appearance

There are a few different marigold types, but the one representing October is the calendula or pot marigold. This bright flower is a member of the Asteraceae family. Daisies and chrysanthemums are members of this family as well. 

The calendula can range in color from golden yellow to deep orange and pink, with a dark or light center. They have branching stems that can grow up to 24 inches tall and simple leaves that are narrow at the base and wider at the top.


Cosmos Appearance

Cosmos are also a member of the Asteraceae family. This vibrant bloom comes in various colors and tones, ranging from deep crimson to light pink and white. The most common choices used to celebrate October are purple and orange.

Perched on long stems, these flowers typically have a yellow center surrounded by perfectly spaced petals. These flowers grow tall to attract the attention of pollinators.


Care Tips and Facts

If you’re interested in having the October birth flower in your garden, you can be sure to enjoy a magnificent display in the fall. Plus, these flowers make great bouquets for all your friends born in October.


Pot Marigolds Care

The calendula is grown in a few different climates. In warmer temperatures, it’s a perennial. In cooler climates, it’s annual, meaning it will complete its life cycle in one season

You can grow this flower indoors, but if you choose to start it as a seed in the ground, the planting season is in the spring. This flower prefers full to partial sun and moderate watering. 


Cosmos Care

Almost all cosmos are annuals, meaning you shouldn’t expect them to come back every year. Don’t worry, though. Cosmos aren’t too demanding, making them easy to add back to your flower bed every season.

Cosmos are usually planted in the spring alongside your marigolds. They should get full to partial sun in the cooler months and partial sun in the summer months when direct sunlight is too much. These flowers prefer moderate to dry soil conditions.



The month of October wouldn’t be complete without these magnificent flowers to herald its arrival. Consider using these October birth flowers in your fall decorations. Their bright blooms look beautiful on a front porch, and they also attract pollinators that help support the ecosystem. 

These lovely flowers have come to represent much about October. From commemoration and healing to peace and tranquility, people born during this inspiring month can look forward to using these gorgeous blooms in their celebrations.

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