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One aspect of May that we’re focusing on today is the May birth flower. It seems appropriate to talk about flowers, considering May is known for its spring weather. May has two birth flowers, both of which are beautiful and come with unique meanings. 


May Birth Flower List

May has two birth flowers:

  • Lily of the Valley
  • Hawthorn 

Both of these flowers have different meanings and symbolize various characteristics. Let’s learn more about them below.  


What is the Official May Birth Flower?

The month of May has two official birth flowers, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. The first is Lily of the Valley, and the second is Hawthorn


Lily of the Valley

Although the Lily of the Valley is known as a flower, it’s actually a part of the asparagus family. It sprouts medium green leaves and blooms small, bell-shaped flowers. The flowers are white and boast a strong fragrance. 

The Lily of the Valley is a hardy ground cover often used to fill large, empty spaces in landscaping. It does well in full shade to protect it from hot temperatures. However, it’s highly toxic to humans and animals, so it’s not ideal for anyone with children or pets. 

This flower makes a fantastic addition to bouquets as an accent in the same manner as Baby’s Breath. The tiny white flowers add a nice touch of freshness to any arrangement. 



The Hawthorn flower is a unique flower that grows on ornamental shrubs and small trees rather than on individual plants. Although the tree typically stays fairly small, it can grow from 15 to 50 feet tall. 

With well-draining soil and plenty of sun, the Hawthorn plant thrives and rewards you with stunning white and pink flowers. The flowers bloom in clusters, providing small bunches of beauty. 

As stunning as this plant is from afar, it’s important to take care when getting too close. The tree boasts dangerous thorns that are strong enough to pierce a human skull. If you get cut by one of these thorns, it can cause a severe infection. 

But from afar, the trees and shrubs are gorgeous. The dainty flowers look great outdoors and make a fabulous accent to arrangements, and they certainly display the spring feeling that comes with the month of May.  


What Does the May Birth Flower Mean?

Each birth flower from the month of May symbolizes something unique. Learning about each one can help the flower become more meaningful to you. 

The Lily of the Valley symbolizes luck, prosperity, and work. This meaning stems from the French tradition when sellers didn’t have to pay taxes on the flowers they sold. 

Lily of the Valley can also have a very different meaning. The flower is actually poisonous, so it’s often used in funeral arrangements to signify sadness, pain, or death. 

On the other hand, the Hawthorn flower has more lighthearted meanings. This May birth flower meaning centers around motherhood, fertility, love, and longevity. Its delicate petals also symbolize grace and beauty. White Hawthorns are often used in wedding celebrations, while pink displays romantic love and magic energy. 


Why Does May Have Two Birth Flowers?

There are multiple months that have two birth flowers, while others have one. These traditions stem from deep histories, so it’s difficult to know why some months only have one while others have two.

Other months that have two birth flowers are January, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December. The only months that have just one birth flower are February, March, and April. 


Is Hawthorn the May Birth Flower?

Yes, the Hawthorn flower is one of the two May birth flowers, the second being the Lily of the Valley. 


What Color is May Blossom?

Another name for the Hawthorn flower is the May Blossom. May Blossoms can be white, light pink, or hot pink in color. They also have small fruits called pomes that can be orange, blue, black, or red. 



It’s always fun to learn about which flower belongs to your birth month. Each birth month has one or two special flowers that represent those who were born during that time. You can use your birth flower to celebrate your birth and represent a unique part of you. 

Take some time to learn more about the May birth flower or your own birth flower. You might just find your new favorite plants.

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