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Macrame hangings have a storied history with ties as far back as 13th-century sailors and Arab weavers. The intricate knot-tying skill slowly made its way to Europe, where it became a popular hobby for Victorian ladies. 


In the United States, macrame reached peak popularity in the 1970s. In addition to macrame shirts, shawls, and jewelry, macrame hanging plants and wall hangings became a common home decor item.


Nowadays, macrame hanging planters have made a resurgence. Whether made with colorful cotton cord or jute twine, these hanging planters are a lovely way to show off your houseplants. 


How Do You Make a Hanging Plant Macrame? 

Unlike elaborate macrame wall hangings, which require time, practice, and skill, macrame planters are quick and easy to create. 


You will need the following items to create your own macrame hanging planter: 


  • A pair of scissors 
  • A measuring tape or ruler 
  • A bundle of cotton craft cord 
  • A potted plant 
  • A saucer (optional) 


Remember that the best size cord for macrame beginners is a medium-sized rope or cord. Something between 4mm and 7mm will be easy to manage for people who are not used to knot tying. It will also be sturdy enough to hold the weight of a potted plant. 


First, unravel the cotton cord until it reaches your desired length. If you want a planter that is 30 inches long, you will need to measure out the cord to 30 inches on your measuring tape. Repeat this step four times, making sure to add an extra length of cord to accommodate the width of your plant’s pot. 


Then fold the cords in half and tie a knot at the top of the fold so it forms a loop. Hook the loop onto a door knob so the cords hang down. Take two of the eight cords and tie a simple knot about halfway up the length of the cord. Repeat this step on the remaining pairs of cords. 


The next step requires taking a single cord from two adjacent cord pairs and tying them together with a simple knot. This knot should be lower than the first knots and form a triangle shape. Repeat this step around the cords until you have a basket. 


Place your pot in the macrame knots you’ve tied together to ensure it fits properly. Bring all the cords together at the bottom of the planter and tie a thick knot to secure everything. 


Other macrame hanging planter ideas include adding square knots down the arms, using different color cords, or creating a wall-hanging with pockets. You can also weave in glass or wooden beads, shells, or other natural items for a more bohemian look.


The more experience you have with this craft, the more detailed and elaborate you can make your hangers. 


What Plants Are Best for Macrame Hangers?

Some of the best plants for macrame hangers include trailing or vining plants, such as: 


  • Philodendrons
  • Devil’s Ivy 
  • English Ivy
  • Burro’s Tail 
  • Marble Queen Pothos 
  • Golden Pothos
  • Satin Pothos
  • Spider Plant


The trailing features of these plants make them an ideal choice for hanging planters because the foliage looks lovely hanging towards the floor. 


How Do I Water Hanging Plants in Macrame Hangers? 

Watering plants in macrame hangers require a bit of careful planning. If you water the plant as is, you might get water all over the floor or soak the cord with water. This problem can lead to mold or fungus growth.


There are several options for watering hanging plants in macrame hangers. 


The first is to remove the pot from the hanger and water the plant as normal. You can put the plant back in its hanger when the water is done draining. You will need to be careful not to break or damage any of the plant’s branches or foliage. 


Another option is to place a saucer directly under the plant’s pot and build the macrame hanger around it. This option allows you to water your plant without running the risk of mopping up a big mess later. 


A third option is to bottom water your hanging plants. This option requires removing the plants from their macrame hangers as well and placing them in a couple of inches of water to let the roots soak up the water they need. 


Where Do I Hang My Macrame Hanging Plants? 

It is important to hang your macrame hanging plants in a place that will allow them to receive the right amount of light. The plants should also be at least five feet above the ground to accommodate the heights of people in the home. 


If you want to hang the planter on a wall, be sure to keep the plant at least six inches away from the surface of the wall to avoid damaging it. You should also mount the planter’s hook to the wall using a stud finder.  



Macrame hanging planters are a fun and trendy way to display your beloved houseplant collection. They add color, texture, and design to what would otherwise be a plain, boring wall. Macrame hanging planters are also easy to make, even for beginners. 

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