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When July rolls around, the weather is beautiful, there are plenty of outdoor activities, and there are many gorgeous flowers to see. So, if your birthday is in July, you know it is one of the most fun months to celebrate. July birth flowers mirror the excitement and beauty of the month. 


Birth flowers are a fun way to symbolize different elements of each month of the year. July’s birth flowers include both larkspur and water lilies. These cheerful flowers provide symbolism that matches the month beautifully. Read on to learn more about the July birth flowers. 


What is a birth flower?

Throughout history, flowers symbolized different things in various cultures throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia. In the 18th and 19th centuries, floriography was particularly popular because flowers could express emotions that were not otherwise spoken aloud. Flowers as symbols played a role in art, correspondence, literature, gardens, and flower arrangements. 


Flowers can symbolize anything from different levels of love to sweetness to success. The flowers can have a further level of meaning, depending on their colors. For example, a burgundy rose may symbolize unconscious beauty, while a yellow rose symbolizes friendship. 


At some point, each month of the year received one or more flowers to symbolize that month. Sometimes those flowers bloom in the month in question, and sometimes those flowers relate to qualities associated with the month.  


July Birth Flowers

While some months only have one birth flower, July has two! Both larkspur and water lilies are fascinating and beautiful flowers. Both of these flowers can come in different colors, which can influence the July birth flower’s meaning. In general, both of the flowers symbolize lightness and purity. 



According to Language of Flowers by Kate Greenway, larkspur symbolizes levity, pink larkspur symbolizes fickleness, and purple larkspur symbolizes haughtiness. The primary meaning of lightness is the perfect flower to symbolize the relaxing month of July. 


Larkspur also known as Delphinium, is an herbaceous perennial that grows well in zones two to nine of the United States. These delicate blooms grow along with spikes throughout the spring and summer. While these flowers are often known to be blue or purple, they can sometimes be red, white, or yellow, depending on the variety. 


If you want to grow larkspur in your garden, provide them with plenty of sunlight. Depending on the variety, they can grow to between one and seven feet tall. The taller varieties do best with staking, and all varieties benefit from pruning, deadheading, and mulching. 


Be aware that larkspur is poisonous to humans and animals. All parts of the plant are poisonous, especially the seeds. Keep the flowers away from animals or children, and keep an eye out for any signs of sickness, including bloating, weakness, and nausea. 


Water Lily

The majestic water lily is the other birth flower for July. Water lilies are sometimes used interchangeably with lotuses. So, they often both serve as a birth flower for July. According to Language of Flowers by Kate Greenway, water lilies symbolize purity of heart. Lotus flowers can symbolize eloquence and estranged love. 


Water lilies come from the Nymphaea family, while lotuses come from the Nelumbo family. Since these flowers grow in water, you may think they are difficult to grow. However, they grow easily from June to October. Water lilies are usually easier to grow than lotuses. 


When planting these flowers, place them in large plastic buckets or other containers. You can plant your container in a pond or put the plant directly in a large planter with water. Always ensure that the environment is the right size for your plants. Waterlilies love plenty of sunshine, and they grow better in topsoil. 


Water lilies only grow a few inches tall and can grow several feet wide. Meanwhile, Lotus plants grow several feet tall and wide. Waterlilies can be in several colors, including red, yellow, blue, purple, white, and pink. Lotus flowers can be white, pink, or yellow. 


Historically, these beautiful blooms have played a role in the art of several cultures. The water lily is the national flower of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The flowers play a role in the art and poetry of the Tamil people and the art of French artist Claude Monet. 



Whether you want a flower to give someone born in July, or want to learn more about your own birth month, you have a few beautiful birth flowers from which to choose. Water lilies and larkspur are two ethereal flowers that capture the beauty and excitement of July.


So, if you want a meaningful way to celebrate July, look for these flowers and any presents or decor that feature them. These flowers evoke the playfulness and joy of the summertime.

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