How to Propagate Monstera?

How to propagate Monstera - Greenplantpro

How to propagate Monstera? Well, Monstera is known for its beautiful and unique leaves, making it a popular choice among houseplant enthusiasts. 

Propagating your Monstera is a great way to share this plant with your friends or simply create more greenery in your space. 

There are a few tried-and-true methods for propagating Monstera, including using stem cuttings or air layering. 

Keep reading to learn all about these methods and how to successfully propagate your Monstera.


When is the best time to propagate monstera cuttings?

Usually in the spring or summer months when there is plenty of sunlight and warm temperatures. 

This allows the cuttings to get established and develop new growth quickly. And leads to a much higher success rate of healthy, robust plants. 

As well, these times are when plants have higher energy output for new growth. 

These are generally the times when you can most successfully propagate a monstera. 

So if you’re looking for success in propagating monstera cuttings, spring or summer months make all the difference.


How to propagate monstera cuttings in soil?

Propagating monstera by cutting is an inexpensive and rewarding way to increase your plant collection. 

  1. Before you begin anything, make sure that you select a healthy section of the monstera. 

It should with at least three nodes and several aerial roots (roots that stick out through the stem). 

  1. Then, allow your cutting to callus before being placed into some fresh soil. 

This can simply be done by leaving it on a dry paper towel or cloth for one to two days. 

  1. Afterward, dip the end of your cutting into some rooting hormone if it’s available. 

Then insert it into moistened soil at an angle and water frequently until it grows stronger roots. 

  1. Finally, repot every few months so that it can grow correctly. 

Propagating a monstera is an easy task that rewards gardeners with more plants in no time.


How to propagate monstera cuttings from water?

Propagating monstera cuttings from water is a great way to increase your houseplant collection at a minimal cost.

The best part?

With each cutting, you create a clone of the original plant that grows identical foliage.

Follow these steps to learn how to grow new monstera plants from just water and a single cutting.

1. First, make sure the cutting you’re using is healthy and has two or three leaf nodes showing.

2. Remove any large leaves, dip them in a rooting hormone.

Place it into fresh, warm water, but be sure not to fully submerge the nodes.

3. Now, keep your container in moderate lighting with temperatures kept between 18°C (64°F) and 26°C (79°F).

Letting the action of water fermentation complete its cycle which can take up to three months.

4. Finally, once roots have formed, gently plant into the soil-based potting mix in a fairly large pot with adequate drainage for good root growth.

Monstera cuttings propagated from just water. It’s that easy.


How to use air layering to propagate monstera?

Air layering is an easy and effective way to propagate monstera plants. 

  1. To do it, first, you’ll need items such as clean scissors, secateurs, or sharp knives and sphagnum moss. You want to start by sectioning off a branch at least 2-3 nodes long. 
  2. Once the branch has been separated, carefully scrape away the bark until you can find the green cambium layer. 
  3. Then wrap the moss around this exposed area and keep it in place with twine or wire ties so that no air can get in. 
  4. Finally, water it regularly but be careful not to overwater. You will notice roots forming in four to six weeks and your new monstera cuttings should be ready for potting shortly after that. 

With this simple step-by-step guide, you can easily propagate more monstera for your home or garden.


Can I propagate a Monstera leaf?

Yes, you can propagate a Monstera leaf; however, given the delicate nature of the plant, it is best to use stem cuttings instead. 

Stem cuttings are preferred because they are more reliable and give a better success rate when used to propagate Monstera plants. 

The cutting should include at least two internodes (the spaces between buds) on the section that will be planted. 

The nodes have active cells that are stimulated when placed in soil, allowing them to root and establish an entirely new plant. 

If a Monstera leaf is propagated, there is a higher risk of failure due to its delicate nature. 

For successful propagation, it is vital that you pay close attention to the conditions of its environment and provide enough moisture for metabolism during the rooting process. 

With optimal conditions, stem cuttings of your Monstera should produce several offshoots in just 2-3 months.


Is it better to propagate Monstera in water or soil?

For propagating Monstera, the best option is soil. Water propagation can certainly work. 

However, it takes longer and there is a greater chance of failure. 

Also, water propagation doesn’t allow much room for root growth which means a future potting transfer will cause disruption and stress on the plant. 

Soil, on the other hand, provides adequate air and water for new growth to take place and for the plant to take root. 

Furthermore, soil offers additional nutrients, creating a more supportive environment for roots. 

Additionally, monsteras are epiphytic plants that thrive on attaching themselves to trees in their native habitat. 

So surrounding them with soil gives them the right texture and support they need long term. 

Using soil is an easy way to get your monstera rooted quickly while giving it all of the necessary benefits.



Feel free to experiment with different soil mixes until you find one that your plants enjoy. 

Remember, the key to success is drainage and aeration. 

With a little patience and care, you’ll be rewarded with a healthy monstera that will fill your home with life and personality.

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