How to Propagate Hydrangeas?

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Propagating hydrangeas is a great way to get new plants for your garden without having to spend any money. It’s also a lot of fun and can be a bit addictive. There are several different ways to propagate hydrangeas, so no matter what kind of gardener you are, there’s sure to be a method that will work for you. Keep reading to learn more about how to propagate hydrangeas.


How to propagate hydrangeas from cuttings?

Propagating hydrangeas from cuttings is a great way to bring new life to any garden. 

If done properly, it’s an easy and cost-effective way to make sure your favorite hydrangea variety persists in your garden for years. 

Here are the basic steps: 

  1. start by finding a suitable cutting – one with plenty of leaves and healthy stems measuring approximately 3 – 4 inches. 
  1. Remove lower leaves and dip the cutting in rooting hormone, insert the cutting into a pot filled with moist soil or planting medium. 
  1. Place the pot in an area that gets indirect light before lightly covering it with plastic wrap. 
  1. Occasionally check for root growth as you keep it watered every few days. Once established, you’ll be able to repot it outside in a sunny location. 

It may take several months before the plant produces blooms. 

So if you’re looking to add some more color to your garden, try propagating hydrangeas from cuttings. 

It’s easier than it looks and its successful outcomes are part of the joy of gardening.


How to rooting hydrangeas from a bent-over branch?

Rooting a hydrangea from a bent-over branch doesn’t have to be complicated. 

When done correctly, it provides a method for creating beautiful new plants for your garden. 

The key to success is following the correct steps. 

  1. First, bend the branch down so that it nearly touches the ground. 
  1. As it touches the dirt, take clean pruners and cut off a 4-inch branch just below a set of leaves. 
  1. Bury this cut stem in moist soil, making sure that some of the leaves remain visible above the dirt. 
  1. Finally, cover it with mulch or gravel to protect it from temperature changes and give it the nutrients it needs to grow its roots into healthy new plants. 

With just these few simple steps, you can enjoy beautiful hydrangeas in your garden in no time at all.


How to propagate hydrangeas in water?

Propagating hydrangeas in water is a great way to bring the beauty of these wondrous flowers into your home or garden. 

It’s easy and affordable, as it doesn’t require any extra materials or tools. 

  1. Start by selecting healthy branches with good stem structure. 
  1. Pick off any wilted leaves and make sure the stem is straight and green. 
  1. Then, cut the stem into two-inch sections and place them in a container filled with lukewarm water. 
  1. Place this in an area that gets indirect sunlight and change out the water every few days to keep it fresh. 
  1. Roots should start appearing within a few weeks.
  1. Next, you should carefully transplant your roots into potting soil, making sure not to bury them any deeper than their original position when initially planted in the jar. 
  1. Give your new hydrangea enough space so that its roots don’t become crowded as they grow, and if necessary provide some shade or mulch. 

With regular watering and sunlight, your new plant should thrive.


When should you take hydrangea cuttings?

The best time to take hydrangea cuttings is in late summer or early fall when the plant has fully developed new branches. 

At this stage, the wood is semi-hardened, making it easier for you to successfully detach the cutting from the plant without damaging its parent. 

Since the best cuttings are often taken from healthy plants located in full sun, you should aim to do this at least two weeks before frost starts or before winter temperatures become too cold for your plants. 

Hydrangea cuttings require proper rooting and care if you want them to grow properly into their own healthy specimen. 

With a little bit of patience and knowledge, you can easily succeed in growing elegant hydrangeas without having to start from scratch with planted merchandise.


How fast do hydrangea cuttings grow?

Contrary to popular belief, hydrangea cuttings can actually grow quite quickly, with some reports showing growths of up to twelve inches within a single growing season! 

Further studies suggest that the environment you keep your cuttings in has a significant impact on how quickly and efficiently they will root and grow. 

Keeping them in an area with adequate moisture, healthy soil, and plenty of sunlight is essential for quick growth. 

But ultimately with the right conditions, hydrangea cuttings can be an amazing addition to any garden.


How long does it take for a hydrangea to grow to full size?

On average, most varieties of hydrangea take between two and three years to reach their maximum potential in terms of size and shape. 

During this period, regular pruning practices should be used to encourage the desired growth pattern for your intended use. 

Learn these basics about the different types of hydrangeas and follow some simple guidelines and you will be sure to enjoy their beauty for years.



By following these easy instructions, you’ll be able to have plenty of fresh blooms all season long. Have you propagated hydrangeas before? What tips would you add?

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