How Often Water Snake Plant?

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Are you curious about watering your snake plant? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people struggle to understand how often to water snake plants. If that includes you, then fear not, we’re here to help. 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the basics of how often to water snake plants and what factors go into determining the optimal schedule. Read on for all our helpful tips and tricks.


How to tell if snake plant needs water?

To determine if your snake plant needs water, you should check the soil every few days. 

If it feels dry and crumbly, it’s time to give your snake plant a drink. 

As a general rule of thumb, smaller snake plants may go up to two weeks between waterings. Larger varieties usually need more frequent attention, such as every two to three days. 

Other signs that your plant is thirsty include wilting leaves, pale coloration, and drooping stems. 

If you notice any of these symptoms, don’t wait too long to give your snake plant some hydration to avoid causing irreversible damage.


How often to water snake plants indoors?

It is recommended to water your snake plant indoors every 2–8 weeks, depending on the specific plant and environment. 

Be sure to use a pot with drainage holes and use room temperature, filtered water. 

Before thoroughly watering again, make sure the soil is almost completely dry, as too much water can cause root rot and other issues. 

If you are unsure of how often to water your snake plant indoors, a good rule of thumb is to allow the soil to dry out between watering sessions, either by feeling the soil a few inches down with your fingers or using a moisture meter.


How often to water snake plants in summer?

In the summer, snake plants should be watered every few days. 

Depending on the temperature and humidity, they may need more frequent watering compared to other seasons. 

It’s best to check the soil before watering; if it is still damp or moist, then wait until it starts to dry out before giving the plant another drink. 

A spray bottle can also be used to give the leaves a gentle misting every other day or so. 

In hot, arid environments with low humidity, a snake plant might need more water than usual and may benefit from a weekly deep soak in order to stay hydrated and healthy.


How often to water snake plants in winter?

When watering your snake plant during the winter months, make sure not to overwater it. 

This is because the temperature and light levels are both lower during this time of year, meaning that the plant’s natural metabolic rate slows down significantly. 

Instead, stick to a regular schedule of watering every two or three weeks and always use room-temperature water when doing so. 

Additionally, if you notice any yellowing or wilting of the leaves on your snake plant during this time, it may be an indication that it is time for a slightly more frequent watering schedule.


How long can snake plants go without water?

They can go for an impressive two weeks without water, making them ideal for busy owners who don’t have much time to maintain their plants. 

Their ability to survive long periods of time without water is due to their succulent characteristics. 

Snake plants store moisture in their thick leaves, so they can last a while even with little water. 

Because of this, they require less frequent watering than other houseplants. Usually, only once every ten days or so – and are more than capable of surviving short spells of drought. 

To ensure the longevity of your snake plant, it’s important to check the soil before watering. 

If the soil feels moist several inches down, it’s likely that your snake plant doesn’t need any additional water.


Can I water my snake plant with tap water?

Tap water is not the ideal choice to water your snake plant due to the chlorine it contains. 

It can be used in an emergency, however, there are a few steps you should take first. 

Make sure to let the tap water sit for at least 24 hours before using it so that some of the chlorine has a chance to evaporate. 

In addition, you can also try adding a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to your water before pouring it on your plant. This will help reduce chlorine content and other mineral deposits from forming. 

Ultimately, filtered or rainwater are still the best options for watering your snake plant, as they do not contain chlorine and other potentially harmful ingredients or minerals.



We hope this post has been a helpful resource to those curious about how often to water a snake plant. 

To keep your snake plant looking its best and surviving year-round, moderation is key – water only when necessary. 

Be sure to monitor the level of humidity in the surrounding environment. If it’s too dry or too wet, adjust your watering schedule accordingly. 

Lastly, be mindful never to overwater as this may cause root rot and slow down photosynthesis, which will result in an unhealthy plant.

Naturally, for any further questions about snake plant care, you can always refer to us here for reliable advice from our experienced team.

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