Top 20 Green Flowers In The World

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You may want to leave the green in your garden to the foliage, but green flowers are a beautiful and unique way to add texture to your garden.

Blooms in various shades of green let you enjoy a whole new dimension of your garden. While you can get some dyed green flowers, several blooms occur naturally in nature. 

Growing green flowers in your garden provides you with ample supplies for refreshing bouquets that remind you of spring. Green evokes freshness, youth, and new beginnings.

You can find green flowers in a whole range of green, from a very light green that is almost white to deeper kelly green. Read on to learn about the best green flowers you should add to your garden.


Top 20 Green Flowers in the World


1. Angelica

Angelica flower for gardening - greenplantpro

Rather than being a specific plant, Angelica is a genus of herbs. These plants tend to be tall with bursts of flowers similar in shape to an allium or Queen Anne’s lace. Angelica plants can be biennials or perennials.

The flowers can sometimes be white, but many varieties have light green blooms.


2. Bells of Ireland

Bells of Ireland flower - greenplantpro

Bells of Ireland is native to the Middle East. It consists of spikes of bell-like green flowers. The annual plant is self-seeding. So, if it takes to your climate, you are sure to have a beautiful contribution to your garden year after year.


3. Calla Lily

Calla lily flower - greenplantpro

Calla Lilies are elegant flowers that grow well in zones 8 through 10 in the United States. You may recognize these blooms by their languid cup-shaped blooms that punctuate their tall stalks. The flowers come in several colors, including green. Look for the Green Goddess variety.


4. Carnation

Carnation flower - greenplantpro

Carnations are part of the Dianthus species. If you are shopping for green flowers, these are likely some of the most common green blooms. There are a few different varieties of carnations that can be green. Look for Green Chic carnations and other varieties.


5. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum flower - greenplantpro

Chrysanthemums are another flower that can come in several colors, including green. The perennial plants are a great way to get some late-season color in your garden. When looking for a green Chrysanthemum, look for the Green Mist variety.


6. Cockscomb

Cockscomb flower - greenplantpro

Cockscomb gets its name from its similar shape to the comb on a rooster. The blooms are soft and fuzzy and can come in several colors, including green. You can grow this plant as an annual or a perennial if you live in a warm climate.


7. Cymbidium Orchid

Cymbidium orchid flower - greenplantpro

If you want a unique green flower, consider the green Cymbidium Orchid. The evergreen flower grows best in warm areas, but it is also one of the more cold-hardy orchids available. It comes in a few colors, including pink, yellow, white, and green.


8. Dahlia

Dahlia flower - greenplantpro

Dahlias come in every color under the sun, including green. Depending on the variety, these plants can be a bit fussy with growing conditions. Some types can be perennials in warm climates, but in cooler areas, they are usually annuals.


9. Envy Zinnia

Envy zinnia flower - greenplantpro

Envy Zinnia is a vibrant and beautiful garden staple. It grows as an annual in a variety of conditions throughout zones 2 through 8 in the United States. You can grow the flowers as a perennial in zones 9 through 11. The flowers are bursts of various colors, including green.


10. Flowering Tobacco

Flowering tobacco flower - greenplantpro

Flowering Tobacco is a perennial made up of fuzzy stalks of flowers that provide a beautiful smell in the summer and fall. There are several varieties of this plant that you can choose from depending on your garden’s needs.

If you want a flowering tobacco plant with green blooms, look for the Lime Green variety.


11. Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisy flower - greenplantpro

The bright and cheerful bloom of the Gerbera Daisy is perfect if you want an exciting reen flower in your life. Gerbera Daisies are another type of plant that can have several different colors for its blooms.

If you want a green Gerbera Daisy, be aware that they are naturally occurring, but several of the plants are artificially dyed.


12. Green Rose

Green rose - greenplantpro

When it comes to roses, you probably know that there are countless varieties of this flower resulting from breeding programs. There are many varieties of green petaled roses, including Rosa chinensis viridiflora


13. Greenstar Gladiolus

Greenstar gladiolus flower - greenplantpro

If you enjoy spikes of ruffled flowers, Gladiolus will be right up your alley. These flowers make a gorgeous addition to your garden, or in your home as cut flowers. Gladiolus comes in many colors, including green with the Greenstar Gladiolus.


14. Hellebores

Hellebores flower - greenplantpro

Hellebores are one of the most popular green flowers around. The bold blooms bloom early in the spring in colors that range from deep purple to light pink to a fresh green.

The perennials thrive in a range of environments, including in zones 3 through 9 in the United States.


15. Hydrangea

Green hydrangea flower - greenplantpro

You may be familiar with the varieties of hydrangeas that are pink or blue depending on the pH of the soil. However, many hydrangeas are green throughout part of their life cycle or their entire lifecycle. Certain growing conditions also cause hydrangeas to turn green.


16. Green Hypericum

Green hypericum flower - greenplantpro

Green Hypericum is a type of St. John’s Wort that grows as a perennial and yields green berries. The plant grows well in zones 3 through 8. The hardy stems make a great addition to any flower arrangement.  


17. Lady’s Mantle

Lady's mantle flower - greenplantpro

Lady’s Mantle provides beautiful, delicate blooms and bold, large leaves. The perennial grows best in zone 3 through 8 in the United States. Besides providing beautiful flowers, this plant also spreads beautifully thanks to its ability to self-seed.


18. Mediterranean Spurge

Mediterranean spurge - greenplantpro

Mediterranean Spurge is a unique plant that offers beautiful bell-shaped green blooms and thin grass-like foliage. The plant grows as a hearty perennial in zones 6 through 9.


19. Ranunculus

Ranunculus flower for garden - greenplantpro

Ranunculus are vibrant flowers that make a gorgeous component to any garden or bouquet. There are several varieties of ranunculus that have solidly green petals or a combination of green and white.


20. Tropical Lady’s Slipper Orchid

Tropical lady's slipper orchids flower - greenplantpro

The slipper orchids are a true showstopper. They come in a few different colors, including green, yellow, and white. The petals have striking designs of spots and stripes. The flowers can grow in zones 2 through 9.



To add a bit of flair to your garden, try out one or many of these gorgeous green flowers. They add personality and freshness to your garden in a way that simple foliage simply does not.

Consider how beautifully green flowers may balance the other colors in your garden. If you like, you can even use green blooms to make a monochromatic green garden.

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