How To Care for a Dracaena Marginata?

How to care for draecaena marginata - greenplantpro

Houseplant lovers are always hunting for new, unique plants to add to their collections. The Dracaena marginata is a popular and easy-to-care-for plant that makes a striking addition to any room.

Read on to learn more about the physical attributes of the Dracaena marginata and how to care for it properly. 


Characteristics of a Dracaena Marginata 

The Dracaena marginata, more commonly known as a dragon tree, is a lovely houseplant native to Madagascar. It is a beginner-friendly tropical houseplant; its popularity has soared in recent years. 

Dracaena marginatas are tall plants with narrow, spindly trunks. The plants are slow growers, but they can reach a height of six feet when grown in a container. 

The plant produces a burst of thin, arching, green leaves with red or pink edges from the top of its trunk. Some variations have white or yellow variegation as well. The leaves have a sword-like shape and a glossy sheen, which makes them attractive houseplants. 

They can live for up to 10 years indoors if given proper care. When the plant is grown outdoors, it can live up to twice as long and will produce showy white flowers. 

In addition to having a beautiful appearance, it is a useful plant to have inside the home for its air-purifying abilities. According to a NASA clean air study, this magnificent plant removes toxins like formaldehyde and xylene from the atmosphere. 


How To Care for a Dracaena Marginata 

Dracaena marginata care is simple. They are tough, low-maintenance plants, which is one of the reasons new plant parents seek them out. 


Dracaena Marginata Light Requirements 

This plant prefers medium, indirect light that mimics what it would receive in the wild. Placing this plant in direct light will cause the leaves to gain a bleached, spotted, or crisp appearance. They tolerate low light, but too little light will cause the plant to produce fewer leaves over time. 


Draecaena Marginata Soil

This plant requires a well-draining, neutral soil mixture between 6 and 7 pH to thrive. A standard potting mix will suffice. A homemade mixture of 50% potting soil and 50% perlite or loam is ideal. Peat moss and a bottom layer of rocks can also be added for healthy soil and sufficient drainage.

As a slow-growing plant, Dracaena marginatas do not need to be repotted often. They should only be repotted when the soil gets compacted or moldy or if the plant outgrows its current container.


Draecaena Marginata Watering 

This plant’s water needs are minimal. The dragon tree is a drought-tolerant plant that needs water once or twice a month during the growing season. Waiting until the top half of the plant’s soil is dry is a good rule to avoid overwatering. 

Dracaena marginata drooping occurs when the plant is overwatered. Root rot is a common reason for drooping or yellowing leaves as well. 

Normal household humidity is usually sufficient for the Dracaena marginata plant. Misting the plant’s leaves once a week will give them the humidity they need in a dry environment.

Dracaena marginata plants are sensitive to salt and fluoride, a common chemical found in tap water. It is best to water this houseplant with filtered or distilled water. Using unfiltered water will cause the tips of the plant’s leaves to become crisp and brown. 


Dracaena Marginata Pruning 

Pruning is not a mandatory chore, although doing so can help the plant retain its signature spiky appearance. It can also keep the plant from getting too tall. 

To prune a Dracaena marginata tree, wait until spring or summer, when the plant is actively growing. Pinching off new leaf growth will help stimulate the plant into branching out. You can also prune it by cutting the stem at the top with shears. 


Draecaena Marginata Propogation 

Propagating a Dracaena marginata can be done in two ways. It is possible to propagate the plant by taking a top cutting or removing the top of the plant just below the leaf line. Cutting the stem into eight- to 10-inch portions is another propagation technique many plant owners utilize. 

Afterward, take the top cutting or the stem cutting and plant it in moist soil or water. Ensure that the cuttings end up in medium, indirect sunlight. Once roots appear, the new Dracaena marginata plant is ready to move to its permanent container. 



Dracaena marginata plants are magnificent houseplants with unique foliage and a stately, slender presence. They look wonderful in the corner of any room and have been a fixture in offices and homes for decades.

There are dozens of Dracaena varieties and cultivars to choose from, each with different colored leaves and variegation patterns. The plants are inexpensive and easy to care for and suit a wide range of lifestyles and plant-growing experiences.

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