Blue Roses and Their Meanings

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Blue roses have been an enticing and elusive flower commonly found in various pop culture mediums for years. The cerulean flower gained momentum recently through television series, like Game of Thrones and video games such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Like the virtual world, where players wonder how to get blue roses in ACNH, they are an oddity to the natural world. Roses symbolize love and beauty, and blue roses are no exception, although they are much rarer and unique.


Are Blue Roses Real?

This kind of roses, while popular in floral arrangements and by themselves, are not found in nature. That may come as a shock to people who have seen blue color and know they exist. These rare flowers are created using special dyes that give them their blue hue.

Much like with other varieties of flowers like daisies, white roses have their stems cut and placed in vases with dyed water by florists. The roses then soak up the water through the bottom of the stem, and the petals turn a lovely shade of cerulean.

Although these roses are not naturally occurring, scientists have been working hard to create organic blue roses.

In 2004, an Australian and a Japanese company collaborated on research to genetically engineer a blue rose.

While they were successful in inserting the gene containing the blue pigment into a rose, the final product ended up a dark lavender.


What Do Blue Roses Symbolize?

Since they do not occur naturally, they were often considered mysterious and mythical. Today, they offer a wide array of meanings like patriotism, mystery, desire, and unrequited love.

When given as a romantic gesture, these blue (dark or light) roses signify commitment, trust, and unwavering love.

Families often give it to new parents expecting a baby boy. Expecting parents also use them in birth announcements and baby showers.

It can be arranged in combination with other flowers for different meanings, including:

  • Red and blue: a mysterious, secret admirer.
  • Yellow and blue: platonic love and admiration.
  • White and blue: peace and serenity.
  • Pink and blue: admiration for unique and special beauty.


What Do Blue Roses Smell Like?

Typically, roses have a specific scent that can change depending on various factors. Including the time of day, when the rose is harvested, and what color the rose is.

Roses are most fragrant in the early hours of the morning during the warmest months. That is the reason why roses are harvested in the summertime, since warm and humid weather enhances the scent.

Roses that feature darker colors and fuller bunches of petals feature a more powerful punch when it comes to scent.

While dark red and pink roses have a thick, fragrant perfume, which is the most commonly attributed to what we know as the “rose” scent, yellow and white roses have a range of fruity and clove notes.

Since they are just white roses that have been dyed to look blue, their scents will be less fragrant than that of red or pink roses. They may have notes of citrus and spices. Roses have a variety of intricate smells that can be combined into a bouquet of olfactory mixes.


What Does “12 Blue Roses” Mean?

Roses are traditionally given in a bouquet of twelve stems, symbolizing love and appreciation for the receiver.

In the Victorian era, imparting a bouquet of flowers to express feelings and affections to a loved one became increasingly popular.

During this time, elaborate meanings were assigned to all parts of the bouquet. Whether it be the color of the petals, the number of individual flowers, and the combination of different varieties of flowers.

The number 12 symbolizes perfection since it directly correlates to the twelve months in a year, or twelve hours during the day.

If you were to give your crush a bouquet of a dozen roses, that meant you were not only in love with them but thought they were perfect!

When you combine the symbolic number twelve with these roses, you get an even deeper meaning.

Sending someone 12 blue roses symbolizes peace and anticipation for the coming year. As well as deep love and understanding for the person you love.


Are Blue Roses More Expensive?

They are the rarest color of all rose varieties since they do not grow naturally. Since florists have to create blue roses from white roses through a dye process, they are more expensive than red, pink, white, or yellow roses.



Blue roses are highly sought-after for their deep blue hue and rarity. Its meaning and symbolism are considered mysterious, secret, and unique.

The ideal of these roses is often found in mythical stories and represents something unobtainable, whether it’s unrequited love or a mystery or an enigma.

Sought-after by flower lovers because of their rarity and beauty, they are more difficult to buy. They command higher prices than naturally occurring roses.

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