Asian Flowers List (Include Flower Names And Pictures)

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Flowers are the perfect way to add some color and beauty to any occasion, and Asian flowers are no exception. They’re a great way to show your love for someone special or simply brighten up a room.

The best part about Asian flowers is how versatile they are. You can use them to decorate your home, office, or any other space. They’ll add a splash of color that’s sure to impress anyone who sees it.

Asian flowers list(include flower names and pictures)

Poney flower for asian flowers list - greenplantpro


The flowers of peony are large and fragrant, so it is called “national beauty and heavenly fragrance”. In May 1985, peony is one of the top ten famous flowers in China. The flowers are bright in color, fragrant with jade smiles and pearls, elegant and splendid, and are the most vivid among the flowers. There are hundreds of horticultural varieties, with yellow, green, flesh red, deep red, and silver red as the top grades, especially yellow and green are rare.


Tribulus flower in asian flowers list - greenplantpro


Tribulus is the unofficial national flower of the UAE. The local indigenous people believe that its yellow flower, the color of friendship, is a sign of equality and brotherhood. It can be used as feed when it is green and fresh. The seeds have sharp thorns, which are easy to stab people on the tires of vehicles. They are also easy to adhere to the hair of livestock, which damages the quality of the fur and is a harmful plant in the pasture.


Goddess magnolia flower in asian - greenplantpro

Goddess Magnolia

The goddess magnolia is the national flower of North Korea, not the Jindalee or hibiscus flower that everyone thinks. Originally the same as South Korea, it was Mulan, but in 1964 it was changed to Mulan, and it was officially announced in 1991. Its flower color is beautiful, with long pedicels, fluttering in the wind, it is a very good garden ornamental tree.


Meconopsis grandiflora flower in asian - greenplantpro

Meconopsis Grandiflora

Mekongwort is the national flower of Bhutan. It has sky blue flowers that are rare in the Poppy family, also known as “blue poppy”. Known for its large flowers, bright colors and graceful posture. It is one of the most striking flowers among alpine plants, and it often forms colorful alpine vegetation with other alpine plants.


Jasmine flower in asian flowers list - greenplantpro


Jasmine is the national flower of Indonesia, the Philippines and Tunisia. The flower is very fragrant. It is a famous flower tea raw material and an important flavor raw material. The flowers and leaves are used medicinally to treat red eyes and swelling and pain, and have the effect of relieving cough and resolving phlegm. Flower language: loyalty, respect, purity, chastity, simplicity. The Qing Dynasty was a peak period of jasmine culture. During the reign of Cixi, jasmine was once considered the national flower of China.


Virgin lily flower - greenplantpro

Virgin Lily

The Virgin Lily is the national flower of Kazakhstan. The world’s most traditional famous flowers.

People often use jasmine flowers as gifts to express emotions and greetings. This flower is also for decoration on special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and birthday celebrations.

The flower language is pure, it is a symbol of purity, and it is named in honor of the Virgin Mary.


Hibiscus flower in asian - greenplantpro


Hibiscus is the national flower of South Korea, Haiti, Malaysia, Vanuatu and Sultanate.

It is a common garden shrubs and flower species, important flowering shrubs in summer and autumn. People often use them as flower hedges and hedges in the south.

In the north, people like to use it for garden decoration and indoor potted plants. It has a strong dust retention function and is the main greening tree species in polluting factories.


Romduol flower in asian - greenplantpro


Romduol was recognized as the national flower of Cambodia in March 2005. It is very distinctive, usually yellow, but also white, and the scent is fragrant, especially in the afternoon and evening. The fruit is red when ripe. The plant can be seen almost everywhere in Cambodia, and the locals like to use it to decorate houses and parks.


Arfaj flower in asian - greenplantpro

Arfaj flower

Arfaj flower was Kuwait’s national flower in 1983. Very attractive in appearance, the plant is small and fragrant, producing a rich golden-yellow flower in spring and silvery branches and small green leaves in autumn. In dry deserts, flowers are an important source of water for camels.


Dok Champa flower in asian - greenplantpro

Dok Champa

The dok champa is the national flower of Laos. China’s Xishuangbanna and some Southeast Asian countries have designated it as one of the “five trees and six flowers” of Buddhist monasteries. Poor cold resistance, greenhouse cultivation, and deciduous in winter, but after defoliation, the tree shape is beautiful, strange, and the bare trunk is naturally curved like a bonsai, and it is also highly ornamental.


Pomegranate Flower in Asian - greenplantpro

Pomegranate Flower

The pomegranate flower is the national flower of Libya. They are both impressive flowers and fruits.

People like to use the small potted plants to decoration window sills, balconies and living room. For large potted plants, it can be arranged in public places and conference venues. While ground-planted pomegranates are suitable for the greening configuration of scenic spots. Flower language: mature beauty, wealth and descendants.


Scabiosa Butterfly Blue Flower in Asian - Greenplantpro

Scabiosa Butterfly Blue

The Scabiosa Butterfly Blue flower is the national flower of Mongolia.

You can arrange your garden in perennial flower beds or in a light flower environment, as the scabiosa butterfly blue flower is a shrinking root herb flower.

This plant can be planted alone, in clusters, or with other plants due to its long internodes, loose and soft inflorescences, and cool blue-purple color.


White lotus flower in asian - greenplantpro

White Lotus

The white lotus is the national flower of Bangladesh. Likes bright light, so the flowers close at night and open again in the morning. It is charming and charming, like the fairy of Lingbo, which is pleasing to the eyes and refreshing, and is known as the “Goddess of the Water”. Ancient Greece and Rome originally worshipped it as a goddess.


Padauk Flower in Asian - greenplantpro

Padauk Flower

Padauk Flower is the national flower of Myanmar, and it is locally known as the “Paduk” of Myanmar. To the people of Myanmar, its flowers represent youth, love and romance. Its heartwood is the best material for making high-grade mahogany furniture, handicrafts, musical instruments and carvings, art decoration, etc.


Rhododendron flower in asian - greenplantpro


Rhododendron is a famous flower, ranking 6th among the top ten famous flowers in China. It is the national flower of Nepal.

The corolla is bright red, and there are rhododendron birds in ancient times, whining day and night and hemoptysis, dyeing red flowers all over the mountains, hence the name.

It has high ornamental value and is cultivated in parks all over the world. The provincial flower of 8 cities including Jiangxi, Anhui and Guizhou in China. It is a typical acid soil indicator plant.


Cherry blossom flower in asian - greenplantpro

Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossom is the national flower of Japan. Widely cultivated in Japan, the flowering period is early, the first leaves are open, the flowers are dense, and the flowers are pink. It can be planted alone or in groups in courtyards, parks, lawns, lakes or residential quarters. From a distance, it looks like a cloud, colorful. The tree is full of brilliance when it blooms, but the flowering period is very short, and it withers after only about 1 week.


Ratchaphruek flower - greenplantpro


Ratchaphruek is the national flower of Thailand. It blooms in early summer, the trees are golden, the inflorescences sway with the wind, and the petals fall like rain with the wind, so it is also called “golden rain”. Named for its pods hanging like sausages in autumn, it is a rare ornamental tree species and is widely used in landscaping.


Simpor flower - greenplantpro


The Simpor is the national flower of Brunei, it symbolizes the success and development of the country. In 2000, at the APEC summit hosted by Brunei, it was identified as the national flower of Brunei. Its star-shaped berries are particularly beautiful, with bright red flesh and a luscious taste, and are food for birds and monkeys.


Vanda Miss Joaquim Flower - Greenplantpro

Vanda Miss Joaquim

Vanda Miss Joaquim is the national flower of Singapore and one of the currency patterns of Singapore. It is an artificially bred variety named after the breeder. More light than other orchids, if the light is sufficient, it can bloom 2-3 times a year. It has strong drought resistance and is more extensive in nature. It is an orchid that is easier to cultivate in tropical regions.


Anemone Coronaria Flower - Greenplantpro

Anemone Coronaria

Anemone coronaria was voted the national flower of Israel in 2007 by popular vote. It has the largest flower in the same genus, and is rich in color, fresh and refined, enthusiastic and unrestrained, and the flowering period can last up to half a year. It is the main export flower of Israel. Words: Desolate, lonely. Artificial cultivation has a long history and there are many horticultural varieties.


Rafflesia Arnoldii Flower - Greenplantpro

Rafflesia Arnoldii

Rafflesia is the national flower of Indonesia. It is very strange. Except for flowers, there are no leaves, no roots, no branches, and even the most basic photosynthesis characteristics of plants. Only when they reproduce, can they bloom amazing and huge flowers. Huge flowers take up to ten months to develop, but blooms can only last for 4-5 days. Flowers constantly emit a peculiar odor that attracts flies to pollinate them.


Black Iris Flower - Greenplantpro

Black Iris

Black iris is Jordan’s national flower, symbolizing royalty, hope, faith, bravery and wisdom. The flower is shaped like an orchid, the color is dark purple and almost black, mysterious and noble, swaying in the mountain wind, like a Middle Eastern beauty with a veil, under the glamorous appearance hides a passion like fire, which is confusing and dazzling. High ornamental value.


What is the most popular flower in Asia?

The most popular flower in Asia is the lotus, with its vibrant and beautiful colors.

The lotus has been a symbol of peace in Asia since ancient times and continues to be a popular symbol today because of its beauty and peaceful nature. The lotus flower is also known for being able to grow in any type of soil or water, which makes it a powerful symbol of resilience and strength.

In addition to being a beautiful flower, the lotus has many uses in Asian culture. It is used in cooking recipes such as soups and stews, while the petals can also be added to salads or eaten raw as a snack.



Asian flowers (also known as Asian florals) can be described as having a strong flavor with a long aftertaste and a bright fragrance. They are also known for their distinct presentation, which is particularly suited for gift-giving.

They’re quite popular in Western countries, as well, but some people may find themselves confused by the plethora of options available to them.  Hope above asian flowers list can be as a guide to help you choose the perfect flower for your loved ones.

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